D & J Discount offers five types of flooring: laminate, vinyl planks, linoleum, carpet, and ceramic tile.

Our vinyl planks are a new type of flooring that looks and lays like laminate, but are made of a strong vinyl material that has a special locking system which makes it 100% waterproof and very scratch resistant. We currently have 7 colors in stock (imaged below) that either come with pad at 4.5mm thick or without pad at 3.5mm thick. If you choose a color without pad already attached, we do offer rolls of pad for $25 that cover 100 square feet each.

The laminate flooring we have in stock starts at an 8mm thickness for $0.79 per square foot and goes up to a 12mm with pad for $1.69 per square foot. Price varies on each color of laminate depending on thickness and if pad is already attached to each board or not.

The linoleum (roll out vinyl) we carry comes in either 12 foot wide or 13 foot wide at $0.55 to $0.66 a square foot depending on the thickness of the linoleum you choose. We carry the wood grain and tile look in both sizes, and have around 20 different rolls in stock at all times.

More information and images of our ceramic tile and carpet coming soon.

Vinyl Flooring- 100% Waterproof

$2.30 per sq ft

Laminate Flooring

Tile Flooring

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  1. Yes, you were referred by a customers. So, the question that I have is what kind of wood do I put down before i put down the laminating flooring. I have a mobile home and there is a split in my flooring. Therefore, I need to put a sub flooring down. Can you provide pictures of what I need. Thanks


    1. I can provide pictures if you need but you would take the broke wood up and lay 3/4” plywood down.. ensuring that this plywood and the plywood around it is all level to the best of your ability. Once it’s screwed in, you would lay your pad down then laminate. We have 3/4” plywood in a 4×8 sheet for $19.95 plus tax each. Is this helpful?


    1. Most of the items we currently have in stock will be on our Facebook page. I will be working on updating this webpage with our current items in the next couple of weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  2. We bought some laminate from you about a month ago and i have 2 unopened boxes left . Will you take unopened boxes back if we have the receipt


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