We now carry a selection of lumber materials.

Our plywood comes in: 1/2″ and 3/4″

A list of our in stock lumber are as follows:


  • 2x4x8 Studs
  • 2x4x8, 2x4x10, 2x4x12, 2x4x16 in regular and treated
  • 2x6x8, 2x6x10, 2x6x12, 2x6x16 in regular and treated
  • 2x8x8, 2x8x10, 2x8x12, 2x8x16 in regular and treated
  • 2x10x16 in regular and treated
  • 2x12x8 in treated only

Decking Boards

  • 5/4x6x8 in treated only
  • 5/4x6x10 in treated only
  • 5/4x6x12 in treated only
  • 5/4x6x16 in treated only


  • 4x4x8 in treated only
  • 4x4x10 in treated inly
  • 4x4x12 in treated only
  • 4x6x12 in treated only
  • 6x6x12 in treated only


  • 1x2x8 in regular only
  • 1x4x8 in regular only
  • 1x4x12 in regular only
  • 1x4x16 in regular only
  • 1x6x8 in regular only
  • 1x6x12 in regular only
  • 1x8x8 in regular only
  • 1x10x8 in regular only
  • 1x10x12 in regular only
  • 1x12x8 in regular only
  • 1x12x12 in regular only

Please feel free to contact us for pricing or any other questions you may have.

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